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Lava Mae at A&PI Wellness Center

Looking for a place to shower? Lava Mae is here Lava Mae is a mobile shower and sanitation service. We convert retired MUNI buses into bathrooms on wheels; each bus is equipped with two completely private facilities, each with a shower, toilet, sink, and changing area. Sign-ups are free and first-come-first-serve. Soap and towels are provided. Lava Mae was founded in 2013 by Doniece Sandoval, after she passed a woman crying about how she'd never be clean. After researching shower availability for the homeless in SF (very, very limited), she was inspired by the food truck movement to try bathrooms on wheels, similar to the kitchens on wheels. ...

Bloom is Coming Up: May 29, 2015

Come have fun in ways that matter. Join us for laughter, drinks, and food. Stay for amazing silent auction deals and friends. Build a bridge to health justice for our most vulnerable friends, family, and neighbors while sipping cocktails against the most beautiful vista in our City.

Are you a stigmatizer? Find out here

Listen to stories from people living with HIV and find out if you are a stigmatizer. Take a short quiz that includes tips and videos where you can see what people go through when living with HIV. Take the quiz

You Built This Home. Help it Grow

Your support built this home. You make A&PI Wellness Center a place where over 3,000 people in our community and 466 people living with HIV can find a supportive family—a family they choose—every day of the year. But we’re growing and we need your help. More people come to us every day needing to see doctors who understand LGBT health and HIV. More transgender women of color seek out safe spaces in our drop-in center. More young gay men of color reach out to us looking for support and compassion. We’re responding by building more physical exam rooms, counseling rooms, and safe spaces for the community you love. Your support ...