HIV & STD Testing
Our agency currently offers free confidential Drop-In HIV Testing for those who qualify. To qualify for a Drop-In HIV Test, you must identify as either: 1) An Asian American and/or Pacific Islander guy who has sex with other guys 2) Transgender, genderqueer, or non-gender binary. If you qualify, feel free to drop in anytime during our clinic hours for your free test! Please see the schedule to the right for when you can get tested for HIV. Don’t identify for our Drop-In HIV Testing? We’ve got you covered! Call the Wellness Clinic at 415-292-3400 to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive STD and HIV check. Note:Registration for drop-in HIV Testing stops 20 minutes prior to the listed closing time stated in our clinic schedule. For example, no new tests will be registered past 4:40 PM on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This is to ensure clients and clinical staff are given the necessary time to read the test and provide HIV counseling services.
Schedule: Tuesday: 1pm - 5pm Wednesday: 2pm - 5pm Thursday: 1pm - 5pm Friday: 1pm - 5pm

Frequently Asked Questions