Welcome to step into PrEP
PrEP is a pill that protects you from HIV. We're making sure queer men of color and transgender women can choose PrEP if it's right for them.In Step into PrEP, you can connect to other PrEP users in our drop-in space or get a prescription--there's no wait list! We provide 1-on-1 case management, financial assistance, educational information, and prescription resources. Our experts can answer any question you have about PrEP.

Benefits of PrEP

- it can keep you from getting HIV
- it's affordable
- studies show it's as safe as aspirin
- it has low side effects
- it's safe to use with hormones or alcohol
Come meet with us

1-on-1 Meetings

Meet privately with our PrEP expert to decide if PrEP is right for you. We can help get you a prescription, find financial assistance options, and answer any questions you have.

Support Group

Already on PrEP or curious about it? Join our weekly drop-in group to meet other PrEP users and get the support you need. Meets every Wednesday (for transgender women) and Saturday (queer men of color).

Speaker's Bureau

Has PrEP changed your life? Join our Speaker's Bureau to receive special training to advocate for PrEP in your community. Your voice matters. Become a leader!
If you have any questions or are interested in a prescription, contact Tapakorn at or 415-292-3400 (ext. 338)

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