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Our expert trainers and consultants can help you implement High-Impact HIV Prevention programs, improve your ability to work with people living with HIV/AIDS, and build a stronger workforce. We provide free trainings and consultation (also known as capacity building assistance) to community-based organizations and non-medical providers in California and across the United States. Our California Statewide Training & Education Program (CSTEP) sets the standard in HIV treatment and public benefits education and training for HIV and non-medical providers.

For more information about our Benefits trainings, please check out our training objectives: Disability Income in California and Health Care Coverage Options in California for People Living with HIV/AIDS.
For more information about our Treatment online trainings, please check out our training objectives: HIV and Your Immune System and Supporting Clients in a Dynamic Era of HIV Treatment.
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Ongoing Online APIWC 101: HIV and Your Immune System - This 1 to 2 hour online, self-paced course covers the basic biology of HIV infection and treatment. It is designed for clinical and non-clinical providers who are new to the HIV field and/or would like to receive a “refresher” on basic HIV information. Register Now
Ongoing Online eSOURCE (Electronic Support on Understanding Resources, Capacity building and Education)
  • Webinars: Access 35+ webinars covering a variety of topics in the HIV field from experts all over the country! Links to the presentation slides as well as additional resources, are also provided below our videos.

  • Podcast: Community exCHANGE is the name of our podcast. Its sole purpose is to shake things up by highlighting topics not often discussed in the world of HIV/AIDS. Members of our own community talk about their real-life experiences to bring light and truth to what is often seen as the darker side of this disease.
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02/20-22/17 The Waterfront Hotel - Oakland, CA High Impact HIV Prevention Summit – Conquering the Continuum: Direct service experts from Community Based Organizations across the country are invited to come together to share their experiences and enhance their skills so that we may continue to advance health, wellness, and equality for all. Application Process – CLOSED
01/23/17 West Fresno Regional Center, 142 E, California Ave., Fresno, CA 93706 CSTEP Benefits: Disability Income in California
The Basics of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental
Security Income (SSI), and State Disability Insurance (SDI).
-Presented by Positive Resource Center, this all day training touches on various State disability income and insurance.
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We are looking to partner and collaborate with you to help enhance your work and program. Contact us at or at 415-292-3400. For CDC directly-funded Community Based Organizations, you can request capacity building assistance using the CBA Request Information System (CRIS).

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