Executive Team

Lance Toma, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer
415-292-3420 x355

Jacob Moody, MDiv, MSW
Chief Strategic Engagement Officer
415-292-3420 x373

Ming Ming Kwan, MSW
Chief Program Officer
415-292-3420 x224

Chief Medical Officer

Sojeila Maria Silva
Interim Chief Financial Officer
415-292-3420 x308

Policy & Communications

Stephanie Goss
Director of Policy & Communications
415-292-3420 x330


Anil Vora
Contracts & Grants Manager
415-292-3420 x341

Christian Castaing
Development Manager
415-292-3420 x360

Wellness Clinic

Brittany Beauchamp
Medical Assistant
415-292-3420 x711, 750

Carlos Bermudez, AGNP, PHN, RN
Director of Nursing / Nurse Practitioner
415-292-3420 x710

Cheryl Shirley
Physician Assistant

Dena McKinney
Medical Assistant
415-292-3420 x711

Edward Murphy, MPH, MBA
Clinic Director
415-292-3420 x719

Jacey Laborte
Clinic Operations Manager
415-292-3420 x720

Liam Elliot
Medical Assistant
415-292-3420 x368

Mental Health

Lance Dwyer, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker
415-292-3420 x316

Stacy Taniguchi, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Food Justice

Evan Cross
Food Justice Projects Coordinator
415-292-3420 x222

Behavioral Health & Community Programs

Katie Felong
Program Assistant
415-292-3420 x320

Kristina Gunhouse-Vigil
Associate Director of HIV Treatment
415-292-3420 x325

Nikki "Tita Aida" Calma
Associate Director of HIV Prevention
415-292-3420 x348

HIV Treatment & Care

Angelina Huynh
Medical Case Manager
415-292-3420 x300

Carmen Chen
Medical Case Manager
415-292-3420 x335

Christina Wang
Senior Case Manager
415-292-3420 x344

Freddy Escobar
Program Manager
415-292-3420 x214

Miguel Ibarra, MPH
Program Manager
415-292-3420 x387

Nathan Manuson
Medical Case Manager
415-292-3420 x371

Richelle Cullen
Medical Case Manager
415-292-3420 x220

Robert Arnold
Licensed Vocational Nurse
415-292-3420 x382

Ruby Koger
Senior Case Manager
415-292-3420 x219

Talishia Hervey
Peer Navigator
415-292-3420 x339

Vera Pittman
Peer Navigator
415-292-3420 x221

HIV Prevention

Jai Yee
PrEP Navigator
415-292-3420 x327

Tapakorn Prasertsith
Program Supervisor
415-292-3420 x338

Transgender Health

Ares Kpaka
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x379

Carsen Nepomuceno
Program Supervisor
415-292-3420 x318

Niko Kowell
Program Manager
415-292-3420 x117

Stephanie Gray
Peer Advocate
415-292-3420 x317

Xochitlquetzal Davila
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x314

Capacity Building Assistance & Training

Myrnelle C.D. Gomez
Associate Director of Capacity Building Assistance & Training
415-292-3420 x329

Angela Pohl
Program Assistant
415-292-3420 x365

Benjamin Ignalino, Jr.
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x349

Esha Dholia
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x346

Nathaniel Cedilla
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x326

Sabina Simmons
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x336


Carl Miller
Medical Billing Specialist
415-292-3420 x305

Tom DeNatale
Data Compliance Coordinator
415-292-3420 x377

Matthew Custus
Staff Accountant
415-292-3420 x340

Human Resources

Keven Randolph, PHR, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Manager
415-292-3420 x345


Ruben Garcia
Operations Manager
415-292-3420 x324

Tommy Huie
IT Manager
415-292-3420 x343