More About Our Team

Executive Team

Lance Toma, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer
415-292-3420 x355

Jacob Moody, MDiv, MSW
Chief Strategic Engagement Officer
415-292-3420 x373

Ming Ming Kwan, MSW
Chief Program Officer
415-292-3420 x224

Kate Franza, LCSW CADC-II
Director of Programs
415-292-3420 x213

Romeo Alejandrino
Director of Finance
415-292-3420 x308


Ernesto Tanjuan
Executive Assistant to the CEO
415-292-3420 x356


Brian Ragas
Communications Manager
415-292-3420 x360

Wellness Clinic

Royce Lin, MD, AAHIVS
Medical Director

Carlos Bermudez, AGNP, PHN, RN
Director of Nursing / Nurse Practitioner

Jacey Laborte
Clinic Operations Manager

Jawon Jang
Clinical Nurse

Liam Elliot
Medical Assistant

Raina Jain
Medical Assistant

Muriam Choudhery
Medical Assistant

Valentina Valley
Medical Assistant

Mental Health

Lance Dwyer, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker
415-292-3420 x316

Food Justice

Evan Cross
Food Justice Projects Coordinator
415-292-3420 x222

Behavioral Health & Community Programs

Katie Felong
Program Assistant
415-292-3420 x320

Kristina Gunhouse-Vigil
Associate Director, HIV Treatment Program
415-292-3420 x325<p.

Nikki "Tita Aida" Calma
Associate Director of HIV Prevention and Health Promotion
415-292-3420 x348

HIV Treatment & Care

Angelina Huynh
Medical Case Manager
415-292-3420 x300

Carmen Chen
Medical Case Manager
415-292-3420 x335,

Christina Wang
Senior Case Manager
415-292-3420 x344

Freddy Escobar
Program Manager
415-292-3420 x214

Miguel Ibarra, MPH
Program Manager
415-292-3420 x387

Nathan Manuson
Medical Case Manager
415-292-3420 x371

Robert Arnold
Licensed Vocational Nurse
415-292-3420 x382

Ruby Koger
Senior Case Manager
415-292-3420 x219

Vera Pittman
Peer Navigator
415-292-3420 x221

Amy Zarate Ocampo
Peer Navigator
415-292-3420 x226

Isaiah Hughes
Peer Navigator
415-292-3420 x223

HIV Prevention

Jai Yee
PrEP Navigator
415-292-3420 x327

Tapakorn Prasertsith
Program Supervisor
415-292-3420 x338

Rowland Mendoza
Program Specialist, Behavioral Health & Community Programs
415-292-3420 x337

Zebediah-Jo Eskman
HIV Prevention Coordinator
415-292-3420 x358<

Transgender Health

Ares Kpaka
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x379

Carsen Nepomuceno
Program Supervisor
415-292-3420 x318

Niko Kowell
Program Manager
415-292-3420 x117

Stephanie Gray
Peer Advocate
415-292-3420 x317

Xochitlquetzal Davila
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x314

Capacity Building Assistance & Training

Myrnelle C.D. Gomez
Associate Director of Capacity Building Assistance & Training
415-292-3420 x329

Angela Pohl
Program Assistant
415-292-3420 x365

Esha Dholia
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x346

Nate Cedilla Program Specialist 415-292-3420 x326

Sabina Simmons
Program Specialist
415-292-3420 x336


Carl Miller
Medical Billing Specialist
415-292-3420 x305

Tom DeNatale
Data Compliance Coordinator
415-292-3420 x377

Human Resources

Keven Randolph, PHR, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Manager
415-292-3420 x345


Ruben Garcia
Operations Manager
415-292-3420 x324

Tommy Huie
IT Manager
415-292-3420 x343